Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sir Dimanlig's Landscape Sketches

Last Monday we attended the opening of Prof. Ace Dimanlig's sketch exhibit over at the new architecture museum in UPCA. Sir Dimanlig is currently the president of the Pasig City Sketching Club and is a veteran sketch hobbyist. He is known for his winning sketch of the National Museum at the back of the fifty peso bill.

Before the ribbon cutting, Prof. Dimanlig gave a short lecture about sketching as a fulfilling hobby. He showed his current sketch book and how the sketch subject may vary from picturesque scenes to as simple as the person sitting beside you. Most of his sketches were done using a plain ink pen. His drawing pad is small, easily could be tucked into any bag and carried everywhere he goes.

Since Prof. Dimanlig is a landscape architect, most of his 20 piece exhibit tackle landscape scenery. His monochromatic images of plants are reminiscent of familiar tropical and vernacular scenes. After the exhibit opening, the attendees were also urged to join the on-the-spot sketching session done around the UP chapel. Most who participated chose to also depict landscapes typical around the garden parts of the campus.

Prof. Dimanlig's exhibit will run all throughout the month of August. For people who would want to see it, please proceed to the UP College of Architecture so you could be ushered into the architecture museum.

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