Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am reminiscing what the first tourist attraction our Balinese tour guide showed us. It is a common rice field. He stopped at the outskirts of Ubud expecting us to dismount the van and take posterity pictures. Funny thing is we did.

Once out of the vehicle my friends asked why we stopped. We realized that most western tourists would find this an exciting sight to see as there are not much rice paddies in their respective countries. But us Filipinos are used to seeing rice, as far as the eye could see. But we still obliged with the pictures.

More hilarious stuff, after just a few minutes we again came to a halt and our guide exalted, rice terraces! And again we went down to see the Bali version of the rice terraces. It still is beautiful but not quite impressive as the Cordillera rice terraces which I saw just a few months earlier. Hehehe. Funny how we Filipinos are so eager to see everything in another country, even if there are same things back home.

Bali is a very beautiful place to see. It has rich culture and traditions that most of us Filipinos would envy. But at the end of the day, even how beautiful the places you visit, home is still where you would want to stay.


dr magsasaka said...

I completely agree.

pinkygendrano said...

probably what is amazing is that the population density of Bali is twice that of the Philippines and they love to eat rice as much as we do but hardly import any. hence the lubak (communal irrigation system) of Bali is something worth pondering on.