Friday, September 3, 2010

Reasons Why There Should be More Trees...

Quickpost: Probably one noticeable difference when you get out of Manila and the Philippines is that you could find more wildlife even though the place you visit is as busy as Ubud in Bali. Ubud is already comparable to Antipolo in terms of development but the bird species are still very much around. Macaque monkeys still abound and visible in the remaining forested areas. Because the trees are still there there are still places for these animals to find home in. Fauna is not limited to the introduced maya and other exotics (like vermin, mongrels and pusakals).


Brad said...

Hi there!
I'm doing a lifestyle trend product concept for school, and i have chosen a responsibility trend which will encourage our society to be more socially responsible with respect to environment. Our professor told us not to worry about the marketability of the product, so i went crazy and proposed a TREE-MOUNTED-SECURITY-STREET-LIGHT (yes, prolly not an over-the-counter product).
I really need infos about our local trees. Do you mind if i ask a couple of questions?
Here they are anyway:
>What tree species (local) would you recommend that comply to these criteria:
*small crown
*6M-8M high trunk
*perfect in the suburbs or village setting
>Is there a law that would forbid me to modify or install this kind of device to our trees for public benefit?

I really admire you're enthusiasm about our native trees and i hope that you could help me.
-Mari Nicanor, student, UPDiliman.

metscaper said...

Hello. Other than marketability a problem that you might encounter is that there is a DENR memorandum that you can not attach anything to a tree. Yup, no more signages or anything that could be nailed to the trunk surface. You could email me if you have more questions.