Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Image of the Future

Sorry I have not been blogging about trees for a couple of weeks. I am a little preoccupied with teaching duties because it is already nearing the end of the first academic semester. In my Arch 2 class I have been asking my students to draw images of the cities of tomorrow, as a practice for them to convey new ideas by drawing and sketching. Just to prove to them it is easy, I did my own drawings, my renditions of the future.

I drew in the research room. My co-faculty were looking over my shoulders and one of them, Arch. Grace Servino, commented that my idea of the future is a bit industrialized. She was saying that for a plant-enthusiast such as me, I paint a very non-green picture of my chosen year, 2100. Her remark made me think, she was right!

I had an image of a toppled down Eiffel tower with more massive steel structures emerging from the ruins. In another, I had details of metal gears and pinions. The last had the Easter Island figures being transported by art deco inspired hover crafts, carrying them into an adjacent neo-city, ironic that I chose Easter Island as it is a fine example how an island became desolate, stripped by man with its natural resources.

As additional drawing, I decided to draw minimalist structures under the canopy of a conifer forest, just to balance off my first three drawings. I should always be optimistic that a green future is very much possible!

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