Saturday, December 25, 2010

40 Trees for Justice

When my mom died last year, the celebrating priest on her 40th day expressed to us the importance of the number 40 in a Christian's life. He said it signifies the time for the people who were left behind by the departed to start letting go and continue living life. In easy words, he said that life must go on and the time to do it was after the 40th day. But on Leonard Co's 40th, it was not the case.

The Co Family together with some concerned NGO's like PNPCSI and AGHAM commemorated Leonard's 40th day by planting more than 40 native trees to signify the continuing want for justice. The likes of the following native trees: toog, apitong, malugay, taloto, mayapis, makaasim, bolon, tara tara, lamio, banato, iboli, marang bonouan, anang, subyang, ipil, mahunot, bolong-eta, almon, yakal, sakat, balobo, duklitan, mala-ipil, antipolo, white lauan, mangachapui, dita, batino, amugis, tindalo, talisay gubat, kalantas, kamandis, tuai, dalindingan, dungon, achuaun, kalimutain, kalimatas. Most of these trees I don't even know what they look like.But it is a welcome move to introduce these really native tree seedlings to the chosen site, the exotic tree-laden Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. This strengthens Leonard's initial intention to fill the park with native species.

The Philippines have about 3500 species of trees. Bringing these 40 trees closer to the masses would help them learn more about these slowly vanishing residents of the Philippine forests. On Leonard's 40th, his family and friends signifed to continue what he started. His memory will certainly live on in these trees. Hopefully these trees will not be just a memory of the forest from which they came from. May they also live on as reminder or the richness of the Philippine's diversity, which Leonard intended to document in his lifetime. May Leonard's successors succeed in doing so.


flipster said...

To propagate these this vanishing local flora, Do we have a center for cloning or tissue culture repository?
If not, maybe that is a good place to start.

metscaper said...

There is one by Ray Ong on Tissue culture, but not sure if it is fully operational. Most commercial gardens would rather concentrate on saleable items. Sadly that does not include most native species.

maknavarez said...

First time reading this page, very nice. Sir, I do have a question, are u familiar with Arbor Day? like planting more trees holiday? This is a government project I guess, but I don't hear it no more. It just suddenly vanished. Sorry, I know this is quite a bit away from this topic but I've seen some pictures of people planting trees, so why not ask.. hehe \m/