Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Nut Bracelet

When I was in Balanga a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a gift find in the Bataan Visitor Center souvenir shop. It was a stringed bracelet of a claimed native tree seed. Immediately after I was told it was the seeds of a native tree, my suspicion went to lumbang seeds. Lumbang as we know is Aleurites moluccanna, which I have earlier discussed in this blog site, is also known as candle nut. I did not get to confirm if it was lumbang, but I figured it would make a good Christmas token for a few special lady members of the Philippine Native Plant Society.

But the other day I got to confirm with Philippine Star Editor (Philippine Gardens) Ray Ong that indeed the seed in question was lumbang. But he said that the craft was actually borrowed from Hawaiians who were fond of stringing up the candle nut or kukui nuts to give as a welcome gift. Reading more in some internet logs, the kukui nut is becoming a good symbol to celebrate life. so even if the idea of the bracelet is not entirely Philippine culture, the bracelets are still a good way to express goodwill. I am glad I found them. I only got four and gave them to people who I felt would appreciate them and life the most.

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Siyang said...

That will really make a nice gift :)