Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ang Mayabang na Medinilla (The Proud Medinilla)

I have nothing against this plant. I just liked the sound of the word 'mayabang' with Medinilla. But the LLCo Garden's white medinilla is in full bloom. And to most urban gardens, the medinilla is not one of the favorites to flower in the metro. Yet this Medinilla specimen is heavily burdened with the purely white inflorescence spikes, which is not a very common sight in Metro Manila.

I forgot the botanic name of this medinilla. Last year it was identified for us by Leonard himself but I did not write it down. If my memory serves me right the name is Medinilla teysmanii. Well, proud Medinilla teysmanii, if you are indeed a prolific urban bloomer, I predict you will be a common plant fixture in Philippine gardens in the future.


JANLO 29 said...

Hi Patrick,

Where can I find Leonard Co's botanical garden?

Thank you. =)

metscaper said...

At Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.