Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The LLCo Garden of Native Flora

Quickpost: Yesterday the Wildlife native flora demoplot was inaugurated and named after our friend and mentor, Leonard Co, the late great botanist. A small ceremony was prepared to honor and and also unveil the signage for the garden. What was also memorable is that his family and friends became witness how it is possible to showcase some of our beautiful plants in one small area. And some of the specimens cooperated by exhibiting beautiful flowers.

Incidentally the Visitor Center was also rededicated to Ninoy Aquino. The surrounding area was landscaped with vibrant exotic flowers. In my opinion, the natives can hold their own in comparison.


Gerle said...

Hi, I'd like to suggest that you put captions on the images of the plants on your blog so that we can identify them clearly. Thanks. Can't wait for your next post.

metscaper said...

Thanks. But I am not sure how to put some in this blog format? Would you know how to?