Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Fight to Survive!

I am posting the poster for the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society meeting this weekend. This is a call for other people sharing the same cause of saving our diverse Philippine flora.

Personally I am not sure on how this fight for our forests' survival should go. Should we let these plants go into mainstream landscaping and gardening so they could be propagated but at the cost of making them extinct in the forest? Should we document and let them be known to other people so that they'll know what to further crave and collect from the wild? Should we let them be and let natural death or the logger's chainsaw take their courses and allow them be cut without knowing their identity. Should we leave them alone and never know that they have existed at all? Tough questions to ask? I do not know the answer. But this is a start, a venue to be heard collectively, an avenue to start the journey with people with the same passion.


Plant Chaser said...

How does one join the group? I agree that this will be a very worthwhile endeavor. I wish I could attend but I have father duties on that day.

dr magsasaka said...

Too bad. I have work on that day, too.