Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dipterocarp Station

Dipterocarps in the landscape of a gas station.
Probably a white lauan
I have been meaning to take pictures of the dipterocarp trees in the gas station over at the Subic Highway.  But I never got the chance to stop there.  Last week I was in the company of botanists and plant enthusiasts and I finally got a look at the towering trees. It was a little dark and gloomy as it was nearing dusk. But the light was enough for some of my botanist friends to say that it might be specimens of Shorea contorta or white lauan.

More white lauan specimens
The  lot was cut out from the surrounding forest but they managed to retain a few of these precious white lauan specimens and integrate them into the landscape.  It is rather peculiar to see them isolated and bare, without the thick undergrowth.  Even if they stand lonely in concrete, the trees still look humongous and majestic. But a stand of them in the rainforest is better a million folds.

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Pat Pat said...

Wow, I always see these trees kapag sa SCTEx kami dumadaan. Marami ngang dipterocarps sa Subic Bay :)