Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pawi-pawikan, Pagung-pagungan

Believe it or not these are plants, Dischidia platyphylla.
Pawi-pawikan or pagung-pagungan?
They grow imbricate on tree trunks.
Leaves are in pairs
Quick Post: I stopped by a garden shop and saw these epiphytes on display.  They looked nice and at the same time weird. They were just tied into excess wood pieces.  They are hoped to cling onto the surface eventually.

These are specimens of Dischidia probably platyphylla.   I forgot if they are called pawi-pawikan or pagung-pagungan (in English - turtle-like). But I am sure you get the drift why they are called such.  They grow imbricate on  the trunks of trees or coconut palms. They are a common fixture in a lot of our forests and even some tree plantations and farms.

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