Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Serene Subic Mangroves

New growth at the edge of the sea
PNPCSI members looking at the mangroves
Continuing on with the PNPCSI weekend, we had the chance to visit the Triboa Bay Mangrove Walk. This Subic attraction is now managed by the same group who maintains the Subic Treetop Adventures.  But instead of going through the high canopies of the forest, guests are given a glimpse of what a mangrove forest looks like.

The older mangrove trees
The mangroves in this part are still young and being revitalized. But there are already erected catwalks and decks for you to enjoy the interesting growth patterns of these high tide-low tide species.  They grow submersed in brackish to salt water, establishing weird root networks.  Boni Passion, who was with us, said that the mangrove species is predominantly bakawang babae or Rhizophora macrunota.

Someday this will be a stand of full grown mangroves
I always regard mangrove plantations as very chaotic because of the wet growth and the network of intertwining roots.  But that afternoon the young saplings appear very serene, similar to the effect when you take pictures of lotus flowers on a still pond.  It was calming.  The mangrove forest was actually quiet, interrupted only by our own inquisitive voices asking more information about them. And hopefully when we leave, they will continue growing in much needed peace.  I hope to come back again to this mangrove walk to see how well the trees will grow, if they could reach full size potential.    
The serene mangroves seedlings


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