Friday, May 25, 2012

Pitcher Perfect!

Plump succulents in my garden
At one corner the pitcher plant is pitchering.
Succulents benefit from hot weather
Quick Post: It has been too hot hot hot the past few days. My palms and cycads suffered with their leaves drying out. Same goes with a few syzygiums and cinnamons.  But my agaves are very happy exhibiting their very plump leaves. But even when it is too hot in my garden, my pitcher plant seem to be putting out its pitchers. Weird as most pitchers I know do not thrive in hot dry weather.  So there are resilient Nepenthes after all. 


Plant Chaser said...

Hmm. Makes me want to take a closer look at my Nepenthes and not pay too much attention to the cycads. LOL!

ernilyn nolasco said...

Dear Blogger,

Ganda po ng blogs nio. I want to be like you. hehe! I love everything about environment, most specially plants. How I wish, I could be like you. I want to explore the world of plants, trees etc.