Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wildlife Art Crusaders

Turtle laying eggs art
Curled up turtle in egg
AG Sano in action
I was walking the other day from Ninoy Aquino Wildlife to Quezon Memorial Circle when something caught my eye.  The walls of Wildlife were being painted on with murals.  A few volunteers were putting white outlines of animals like the butanding and pawikan, something which seems appropriate for the Wildlife Park. I got curious and interviewed one of the artists in action. I was surprised to find that the person I approached was none other than the wildlife conservationist, AG Sano. 

Baby turtles
I have heard about AG a number of times. I know him as being a landscape architect by profession.  But I also heard of him being referred to as the whale man, rallying for the survival of whales and dolphins around the archipelago. I should have met AG before because we graduated a few years apart in the UP College of Architecture.  But this fortunate coincidence was the first time I met AG personally. 

AG Sano and Bing Granda
Nowadays AG Sano is known painting colorful and lively environmental murals of endangered animals. Last Saturday he was with 2 other friends composing the wall murals for Wildlife. AG was together with Bing Granda, who is also a landscape architect like him. The walls near QC circle were filled with images of the sea turtle's life cycle. For the next few weeks they will fill the Wildlife perimeter walls with the same kind of educational art about other Philippine animals. Then on May 25 they invited other environmentalists and artists to fill up the murals with color.  Hopefully putting a little more color to the empty walls, would give more than just aesthetics. They will breathe in new life into the Wildlife art.