Thursday, May 10, 2012

Star of the Show

The best in show
The nice compact leaves
There is a bonsai show mounted by the fledgling group Philippine Alliance for Bonsai and Suiseki.  It is in the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak in QC Circle and will run upto Monday, May 14. The group might be young but the bonsai specimens they exhibited are spectacular.  But again, as expected, the star of the bonsai show is the ever reliable and very beautiful native species, Pemphis acidula or bantigue. It was ubiquitous, to the point that there is a separate category for it. The best in show was hands down also a bantigue. It may take longer before it gets dislodged as the centerpiece of Pinoy bonsai hobby.

To the winners of the PABS bi-annual show, congratulations.  And to the Philippine Alliance for Bonsai and Suiseki, kudos for a simple yet very elegant presentation.   

A bevy of impressive bantigue bonsai specimens

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