Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arki's Blooming Bagras!

The filamentous flowers of bagras
The bagras blooms are a bee favorite
Small but already blooming
Quick Post: I got another bloomer surprise! Last year the UP Arch faculty planted 4 feet seedlings of the native bagras or Eucalyptus deglupta in between Bulidings 1 and 2.  This year some of the seedlings have grown almost person height. One has already exhibited the multicolor bark at only a few inches trunk diameter. The same plant is now heavily burdened with flower.  Just goes to show that good old bagras is reliable for urban greening.    

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Andrea said...

Oh how long will the fruits mature! I thought bagras will be already very tall before it fruits. (pwede humingi ng konti seeds pag pwede na)