Monday, July 9, 2012

Tailing Me in the Kanawan Trail

The river valley

Crossing the hanging bridge
Uly and his nanay-nanayan Nana Merced
Yesterday I joined fellow PNPCSI members Regielene, Ronald and Ulysses to the Bataan National park, to talk to some of the Kanawan residents.  Reg will be conducting a botanic survey in the vicinity the next month and she was asking the assistance of the community. Uly helped in facilitating for it, and Ronald and I were unsolicited company, just taking advantage of the trip.  It was a sort of homecoming for Uly as he has performed a botanic study here which lasted 2 years and he has not been back for quite some time.

Kids and candy
The edge of the Kanawan trail
I was prepared for the trip, packing my bag light with the bare essentials and of course my trusted camera in tag. Our party managed to cross the hanging bridge and slowly but steadily follow the trail leading to the Aeta settlement.  After a kilometer of uphill trekking, we reached the very first house at the edge of the village.  Uly was already nostalgic as he was started to get recognized by some of the residents, his old friends. In no time at all we found ourselves sitting amidst the community council under the shade of a makeshift shack serving as Kanawan's great hall.  We were warmly received.
Uly, Reg with the barangay captain and some of the residents
The Kanawan view
My kanawan posse, Zaldy, Jomari and Arnold
They even got us refreshing buco!
After settling the pleasantries, Reg's coordination business and a short but hefty lunch, Uly invited us to look around Kanawan which he considered his home for two years. We followed another trail and got to see more of his former neighbors, friends, his then usual hang-outs and the forest plot where he, together with the community, planted native seedlings.  We were accompanied by Uly's former guide, Jo.

Zaldy and Arnold playing around with a bayawak
Uly's old backyard
Arnold and Jomari with Reg
As always, I trailed behind the group in walking to these places.   But I was kept constant company and entertained by 3 small boys who I think got curious of my mascot-like appearance. Zaldy, Jomari and Arnold was tailing us all the way, but most of the time they were impishly darting pass me to remind me I am slow.  Every now and then they would climb  trees we see on the trail, just to show us they could do it and with all ease!  These guys really got me amused.  Their presence somehow made the climb tolerable and memorable.

Good trekking company
In going to the nursery, I asked to stay behind under the shelter of a shanty we saw in one grove, and the 3 boys chose to keep me company. They continued doing their stunts, climbing the GI roof of the small hut.  They only stayed put when I told them I would sketch them, and they did for a short but good 10 minutes, and I managed to do the quick sketch. After 15 minutes,  Reg, Ron and Uly reappered with jo, the guide, and we again were on our feet to continue our way back to the community and eventually went on our way towards home.

The route back, the energetic boys were still doing their thing, climbing trees and picking guava and other fruits off of trees. They even accompanied us way back to our vehicle, a whole 2 kilometer walk from the commmunity. The boys were really funny.  They certainly put the excitement in an otherwise tiresome and gruelling walk! Hahahaha!
Resting at a large family abode at the edge of the forest


Dennis Dolojan said...

how i wish i could also visit that place ... maybe soon

metscaper said...

Wish i could visit your part of the Philippines, Mindanao.

Plant Chaser said...

That is a beautiful view. I hope it can stay that way for a long time.