Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toy Fish Crazy

Guppy varieties and bronze Corydoras
Corydoras sterbai and Corydoras julii
Life-like corys
Colorful guppies
I was at Megamall and of course visited Toy Kingdom, where they had the most number of gashapon dispensers.  Gashapon are capsule toys from Japan, which you get by depositing tokens into a bubblegum dispenser contraption. Most of it are anime and cartoon characters, but sometimes they have wildlife series like frogs, crabs, dogs, cats, fish, etc. I have been collecting eversince the nineties.

I terminated toy collecting in early 2000, with the exception of Lego trucks and gashapon animals.  I usually go to Toy Kingdom just to look what is available and most of the time I end up buying nothing. But this visit, something caught  my interest, gashapon aquarium fish!
Paracheirodon simulans, a yellow tetra and a black Corydoras
Paracheirodon axelrodi, a silver tetra and Corydoras
Corydoras close-up
Aquarium keeping was another hobby which I had to let go.  Maintaining the tank took too much of my time and inhibited me to the other stuff.  In 2009, after 9 years of being serious in it, I gave away my fish, aquatic plants and my aquarium set up. Now I have been aquarium free for 3 years.  But sometimes I still get the inkling to get my hands wet and plunge back into the hobby. But realistically schedule won't permit me.

So when I stumbled upon the dispanser full of plastic guppies, Corydoras and characins, I immediately dug bills into my wallet and lined up the cashier's counter.  Went home with a bag full of colorful capsules. Posted pics so that you'll know why I could not resist myself to indulge. Nope, I am feeling no guilt at all!

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denian63084 said...

nag aalaga ka din pla dati Patrick :D anong inaalagaan mong isda dati?....trinay kong mag alaga ng Arowana dati...maliit lng sya nun...madalas din tumalon...aun...nung nakatakas sa tank...nadale ng pusang ligaw :D