Monday, December 3, 2012

A Month with No Blogs

Taal Lake on a bright day
Fish pens also as clear as the day
Flowering Melastoma
Sorry if November passed by with only two blog inputs.  In fact it was a month ago since my last blog entry. No, I did not get tired of writing the blogs.  But November was busy for me since it was the start of the second semester and we are wrapping up for 2 issues for Metro Home magazine. But I have lots experienced the last month to blog about.  I hope to find the time to write them.    
To start off again, I made several trips to Tagaytay for the magazine. In one of them I got a breather to eat and slurp some of the famous Leslie's bulalo, and enjoy the view of Taal Volcano on a bright clear day.  Since Leslie's is a popular stop, I am guessing that a lot of people have already glanced upon the view in Leslie's corner of the Tagaytay rim.  But I am sure not all witnessed the flowering Melastoma (probably M. malabathricum) or pure-tutungaw in a pot near the Filibeans Cafe. Melastoma is such a nice native to grow in the garden, high or low altitude. 
The flowering shrub is tucked near a cafe


Ohana Street said...

Beautiful flower and view! Great blog. I have been following your blog since yesterday after having stumbled upon it while I was looking up plumerias, aka the cemetery tree. Since I live in Hawaii, I particularly enjoyed reading about your post re: kukui nut leis. I also thought that the seed bracelet from China was pretty neat. Hope you get to make a Philippine-seed-version one day :-) Anyway, I have linked one of my posts to your blog and can see myself continuing to do so in future posts. Thank you for sharing your insights and adventures. Keep up the great work.

Aloha :-)
ohanastreet . blogspot . com

metscaper said...

Thanks for the comment

LB said...

Hi! Saw this flower in a housing subdivision in Tagaytay (deep violet flower), at Batis Aramin in Lucban (light violet) and at Intramuros (dwarf used as ground cover). Tried digging for their identities online, the more i got confused when i saw same flower on my stamp with the name 'Tibouchina...'Would you know the difference between Melastoma and Tibouchina (irregardless of varieties)? Thank you so much.