Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ardisia on the Beach

Back beach with Chiquita Island at the horizon
Ardisia stand near the beach
Flower spike
Quick Post: Grande Island has a back beach.  It has white sand and a nice view of the West Philippine Sea and the nearby small island of Chiquita. And along the adjacent greenery, there were stands of flowering Ardisia. I am not sure what species this is but to me, it resembles the awnasin or Ardisia pyramidalis growing in the cool areas of Mt. Makiling.  Unusual if it is indeed A.pyramidalis, as it is growing wild in the hot coastal areas of the island. I once saw an awnasin growing in hot Manila and suffered greatly.  It probably is a different plant.
Profuse flowering


jimjim said...

can ardisia pyramidalis be grown from cuttings? thanks!!

metscaper said...

Not tried it yet. Probably better by marcot.

remrick said...

Are ardisia common in the UPD campus? I think there's one at the School of Economics, near the backlot, and it looks like ardisia squamulosa.