Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super Supa

Full flowering supa
The tree is partly covered by other trees
Flower spike detail
Passed by Los Banos because Ime said she was told that a Sindora supa or simply supa tree is in flower.  I have seen the supa tree behind Bahay ng Alumni flower 3 times.  I have taken pictures of it 3 times.  So hearing that another supa did not excite me.  

But when we got to the area where the tree is, we were enthralled.  The tree is in full bloom.  I never saw the Diliman tree as heavily burdened with blooms like this.  I left my camera in Mam Ime's car so I had to go back to grab it because it awesome.  I had to take pictures.
Full crown glory

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James Piji Silod Bulactiar said...

makikita po ba ito sa LOS BANOS Laguna?, pati saan pong partikular na lugar?, reply back for instance... thanks :)