Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prolific Lanete

On the sandy beaches of Pundaquit
Full with blooms
The pinwheel lanete flowers
Quick Post: My once regarded as elusive bloomer, the lanete or Wrightia pubescens var. laniti, does not seem to be very elusive at all.  For years I have been watching a sole tree near the UP College of Architecture flower, but to no avail.  But ever since I saw a flowering lanete in the coastal areas of Bangui in Ilocos, I keep on seeing lanete trees in bloom. In April alone I saw several trees flower in two location.  One was in Pundaquit, Zambales where like in Bangui they grow near sandy beaches.  The other is in Antipolo, hidden in the brushes of the remaining vegetation in a creek valley. Just shows that the tree not only bears nice cream flowers, but also resilient to extreme growing conditions.

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