Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Tree Road Trip

White Lauan trees in Lucban 
Batitinan in Los Banos
Ron and Ime finding the right photo angle
Just another Friday. I woke up when the sun was not yet up and went on a road trip around Laguna and Quezon with friends Ronald Achacoso and Ime Sarmiento.

At 7 am we were braving the early morning traffic in Calamba.  A brief stop for breakfast and we were off looking around and taking pictures of trees and plants at roadside. We were at luck as we found some of the most interesting trees and shrubs in flower. The trip took us around Mt. Banahaw passing through Nagcarlan and Sariaya eventually to Tiaong and back again in Calamba. Talk about full circle!    
Antipolo in Nagcarlan

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IndieEscape said...

Thanks to your blog, I k=now know more about our local trees :)

Those Lauan trees, are those what Meralco used to use for electric posts? I remember they call it lawa-lawaan (?)