Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Small Cordillera Collection

My first bulol is 3 inches high
Trio of  twin bulol carvings
I bought my first bulol on my first trip to Banawe Rice Terraces.  It was unique because it is tiny yet said to be made out of mabolo. It is in my opinion beautiful despite its diminutive size. And ever since I have been on a look out for cute Cordilleras items. 
A selection of pocket-size lime containers made out of different wood materials
Another lime container made out of bone
On trips back to the mountain provinces I search for these as souvenirs, from wood carvings, bulol statues to lime containers. Sometimes I don't actively look for them.  They just find their way to me. Some were given as gifts, one by Mang Ramon who owns a home-stay in Batad. My collection of smalls is still relatively small, but I believe I have gotten a few interesting ones despite the tight budget I set (the reason I buy only small items is that I don't want to spend much on them). But even if they don't cost much, they occupy a prime spot in my treasure trove.  
A small mortar and pestle made out of bone.  One of my favorites because of the intricacy and the weaving.
My Ifugao friend told me it is rarer to find dancing bulol statuettes.  This pair is 4 inches high.
Ifugaos also carve utensils, pipes and other household items.

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