Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Whole Lot of Hoyas

Mac wit his Hoya merchandise
Large potted Hoyas
It is Philippine Labor Day - a local holiday therefore ideal to meet up with a few friends since the Metro Manila streets are not congested with cars and people. It  is probably the reason why on this day a few plant hobbyists led by Ed Agdeppa tried to revive interest for plants from the genus Hoya by convening in far away Fairview to share infos and swap Hoya cuttings.  They chose La Mesa Eco Park as venue for the exchange.
Perusing through Mac's stuff
Small propagations
Hoya kerrii
Attendance comprised a small group, but it included people coming from as far as Bicol.  Mac Pagsolingan who came from San Fabian in Pangasinan brought along a small truck of his Hoya propagations to sell, Chatuchak style.  The enthusiasts started to grab their species of interest, but mostly foreign ones like Hoya kerrii, deykei, verticillata, and much more.
Mac shows us how he makes his cuttings
Ed with my H.halconensis
My loot
I myself, who for years have forgotten my first love (Hoya), could not resist getting a few pots.  Hopefully they could reestablish themselves again in my garden. Even Ed Agdeppa, who I gifted with Hoya halconensis in 2009 (and has grown and propagated it very successfully in his garden), has regifted me with a specimen to return back under the shelter of my deck's trellis.

Hoya australis
The meeting was capped with a short talk from Mac, who gave tips on how he propagated his hoyas with high percentage of success. He uses floral foam for the small cuttings, which he also dips in rooting hormone. Bigger specimens are grown in coco coir and husks. 

The participants all went home with smiles, especially the ones who won very nice pots of different Hoya plants courtesy of Mac and some other attendees.  There was a whole lot of Hoya joy to share!  

Happy faces with sweet smiles!


Ube Lee said...

I'm from Bicol Sorsogon. I am wondering if you heard this type of edible leaf plant called "kulis". I think this plant is now rare. There is also a tree we call "bang-ray" and it bears sweet, small, dark purple fruits when ripe. Sadly, I only know this tree from one location. Also I read your entry about the "palawan plant". My family has the yellow variety. I look forward to reading more of your entries.

NeoCerberus said...
Kolis? Not sure if it is...

Bang-ray might be Baligang, Lipote, or maybe black mulberry or Morus nigra...


jae jung said...

hello, im a biology student
and i was wondering if there is any hoya sp. that can be acquired in manila (preferably free XD)..
because im thinking of using hoya sp. as a thesis specimen

jae jung said...

hi im a biology student
i was wondering where or who i could acquire a hoya sp. (preferably for free XD)..
because i am thinking of using hoya sp. as a thesis specimen..