Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Road Trip with my Sisters

Where we stayed
It was a long time since I went on a road trip with my siblings.  Even it was 4pm, sis Teng insisted we go to cool Tagaytay to get away from all our routines. Cecil and I obliged and after almost 4 hours of road travel we reached the lake rim, barely in time for dinner.  We took a not-so-quick bite in crowded Leslie's and spent the next 3 hours just looking for the right room where we would spend the night.  Day 1 was uneventful but very tiring, but we looked forward to an early start the next day. 

We had our breakfast at 9 am.  We left the Econohotel at 10 following Aguinaldo Hiway till we reached the fork going either to Nasugbu or Lemery.  We went towards Lemery, our destination - the quaint town of Taal. My sisters have not been on this route before.  After another 30 minutes we went pass the abandoned Fantasyland castle by the horizon. Cecil's car headed from the mountainous zigzagging roads till we saw ourselves in Lemery.  After 15 minutes, the prominent and fabulous Taal Church came into view. 
The Taal Church facade
The magnificent church interior
I feel like a selfie moment but resisted it
I have been to Taal once before.  Viewing the church the second time around, still left me marvelling at the stately beauty and the church's interior details. It is grand and beautiful! The town character is equally interesting seen in the intricate patterns and motifs of the old ancestral buildings and houses. We ate our late lunch at Cafe G, a few strides away from the church.  It was sweets galore with dessert and of course my favorite, the peddled panucha.

Faux fire place at Cafe G.
Our travelling companion, Mr. Incredible!
In between Cafe G and Taal Church, a brute looking false yucca caught my eye and my ear.  The nice Dracaena multiflora - which most people are surprised to learn is native to Mindoro, Palawan and the Visayas - was heavily perched on by different chirping birds.  It was noisy but a pleasant sight and sound at the church's plaza. We spent another hour taking pictures and buying pasalubong.
The false yucca trees
Bulky but nice Dracaena multiflora
We then followed the route going to Lipa.  When we reached Alabang, almost nearing sundown, we realized we went on full circle, almost encircling Taal Lake. As prize we stopped by in one of the malls.  All three of us had haircuts and treatments.  Hehehe probably not an epic way to end a long trip but it was all worth it.

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