Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More than the Usual U.P. Colors for 2016

The familiar maroon is the cover color for the coloring book
Repetitive student pattern
I returned to U.P. Arki after the semestral break finding that the U.P. Diliman Chancellor's Office has a gift for me...and of course the other regular members of the faculty.  We usually get calendars and planners as Christmas gifts but this time we received something unique, popular and very timely...an adult coloring book.   It has the format of what you would expect from any other adult coloring book but with familiar and iconic U.P. items as theme. One of my chosen pastime for 2015 has been coloring books but will probably enjoy doing this better as it has more nostalgic items to render using my new set of Japanese coloring pens.

To Chancellor Michael Tan, thank you for a very thoughtful Christmas gift this year.  I just wish it won't take me a year to finish coloring all of the pages!
Sample pages... and this gave me a laugh!
Greens, Sunflowers and clean energy transports
The iconic academic oval
The U.P. staple food!!!


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