Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Natural Raincoat

Natural raincoat
This palm has a very wide leaf!
Quick Post: On one of our roadtrips to Laguna and Quezon, we passed by this farmer sporting a unique garment, and I cannot  resist to stop and take pictures. Good thing the man agreed. He had on an all-natural raincoat! It is basically a one-large leaf of a fan-shape palm (probably buri or Corypha elata). I am sure it did not cost much to make as it appeared to have simple construction and stitching, but it is definitely high on points for creativity and of course very environmentally friendly!

Incidentally buri palms appear to still be quite common in the landscapes of Laguna and Quezon. We passed several stands of it on our way to Lucena. Quite fascinating, the plant much like the raincoat!

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