Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Renewing my Fascination for the Plants

You know what, I miss writing on this blog.  Instead of explaining why I have been away so much from logging into here, I will use the time to write and tell you a story and hopefully it would usher me in writing more here, especially this 2016. 
Medinilla flowers
Medinilla probably M. teysmannii 
Have you ever been to the Makiling Botanic Garden? I have been there a lot as you would see in several of my posts here in this blog. But in my last visit this 2015, I more than realized how many beautiful plants we have in the country.  The botanic park has limited selection of the thousands of Philippine species we have in our forests but the ones I saw flowering last September were simply spectacular.We might not have bright colored plants like bromeliads, or really showy flowering plants like gerberas or tulips, but these are not at all bad!
Heterospathe califrons
Alocasia probably A. portei
Flowering Spathoglottis or ground orchid

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