Monday, March 26, 2012

Kapa de Elepante!

The Amarela kapa de leon
The large shield fronds
Architect Chi Victorino as scale reference
Quick Post: This kapa de leon or Platycerium grande was planted in Amarela Boutique Hotel in Panglao about 4 years ago. It was mounted about 10 feet above ground on the branches of the common an-an tree (balinghasai or Buchanania sp.) above a massing of manan-aw (Asplenium musifolium and nidus).  Back then it was only about a couple of feet across in diameter.  Now its pendulous antler-like fronds has almost reached soil grade. It has become really huge that we nicknamed it 'kapa de elepante'.

I wonder how big the wild grand staghorn fern or Platycerium grande specimens grow in their native habitat in Mindanao. Though P. grande is not native in Bohol, plants have become a common fixture in a lot of household gardens here. The one in Amarela has even grown accustomed to the very hot but humid weather of the Panglao coastal area.

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