Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinoy Urban Sketching in the Pasig River

Pasig River scene
Urban Sketchers Phils banner
Sketching in progress
Janeil doing his talk
I have been lurking around for more than a year in I even contemplated on doing a sketching blog because of it. But it was only recently that I learned that the group has a local affiliate which is Urban Sketchers Philippines.  I joined their Facebook page and this morning I sketched with them over at the Pasig River. Met the group's  forerunners including Buzz Walker, Janeil Arlegui, Eileen, Nina, Solo and some others. They all have impressive sketchbooks with equally exciting sketches which they displayed in the Travel Fair in Rockwell tent.

The finished sketches
We spent about two hours sketching at the river waterfront of Rockwell.  Note: urban sketching, as Janeil, defined it in his talk, would entail a person drawing a live subject, not from a picture. You would have to finish the drawing quickly before the subject changes its position - so you would have to learn to sketch fast. That also meant we had to finish all our Pasig River drawings in one sitting.  I chose a comfortable spot and sketched 2 black and white drawings of the river scenes in the 2 hours. But the urban sketch experts drew more and even watercolor-rendered them.  They really have fast hands.
Urban sketchers' sketchbooks
Nina quick sketching
After the Pasig sketching session, I spent a few more hours exchanging sketching stories and anecdotes with the members over at the Rockwell tent.  They generously shared their experiences, tips and secrets in drawing.  It was a swell  day to spend with people who share the same passion for sketching. Hope I could join more of their activities in the future.  I hope to see more of the Philippines with them, one drawing at a time!


Pinkcessdyosa said...

i'm joining sa next one, kuya pat.:) i want to experience!:)

metscaper said...

Will inform you when there will be a next one.