Sunday, March 4, 2012

From the Tree to the Table

Himbabao tree
Alukon still on tree
I was with Anthony Arbias and Danny Balete form PNPCSI and Mam Marlen from DENR yesterday.  We visited a farm house over at Pangasinan and was given a tour of the different native trees growing around the lot.  At one point we passed by the Ilocano popular tree himbabao which was in bloom with its elongated flowers. We commented that the flowers, called alukon, would be nice to use for dinengdeng.

In our pinakbet
At lunch time, we found the flowers already on our plate, cooked not in dinengdeng but in pinakbet.  Fresh pick from the tree became a very nice vegetable dish for us to enjoy. Himbabao is Broussonetia luzonica and it will be in bloom this summer.  So our Ilocano friends and vegetable lovers should watch out for them in their suki market vendors.

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