Thursday, March 22, 2012

The March Tree Walk

We even had a mascot.
The March tree walkers
I was asked by Cel Tungol to conduct a tree walk for a few birdwatchers. I could only do it on March 18 so even if there were only a few attendees, we pushed through with the walk. Reason: it is already the last leg of a lot of trees' flowering season.  If we do it in April, we will miss the chance spotting the blooms of some of these interesting native trees.  We did manage to get a glimpse of them before they to fall or turn into fruits. But we could do the walk again sometime in April or June, when the fruits have developed.

Flowering Crateva
On our route, we found kalumpit or Terminalia microcarpa at the back of the main library in flower. We also chanced upon the sole salingbobog or Crateva religiosa also in flower.  The lagoon salingbobog is known to be 'married' to a kalios or Streblus asper.  The kalios was however cut down to its branch base, to give better chance to the Crateva to survive.   Hernandia ovigera and Barringtonia asiatica was also blooming in Marine Science Institute. Same as pili or Canarium ovatum in University Avenue.

Fruits and flowers of the katmon
Another found to be in flower is the katmon or Dillenia philippinensis in the old College of Engineering building or Melchor Hall.  Not only was it bearing blooms, it was already carrying a bounty of fruits awaiting to ripen. In a few weeks time I would be making the trip back to collect fruits for sinigang, and of course seeds for propagation.  I will hopefully see more people in the walk come the fruiting season.


The Juggling Landscape Architect said...

Wow, I have just realized that many of the trees I pass by everyday in UP are actually Philippine natives. Gotta be more observant. Hahaha!

trinket said...

i had a lovely time! thanks and i'm looking forward to learning more and joining you again!

i have some photos here: