Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Bohol House that Chicken Built

Payag Restaurant in Tagbilaran
The dining hall
Entry to AC'd room
Cozy chicken corner
I am on my nth time here in Bohol and on my first hour I find myself back at Jo's Inato which is now called Payag Restaurant. It was in 2007 when I last visited the place and it is different from the rustic resto I could remember.  It was also the first time for me to eat at the second floor, where apparently they have an al fresco  balcony and an airconditioned dining area. I am not sure if this area was already existing when I first visited.  We chose to sit inside the airconditioned room where you are reminded that the house specilaty is of course... chicken.
Chicken novelties
A basket of eggs lamp
More chicken inspiration...
Jo's Inato still serves the Boholano version of the chicken inasal and in over 5 years of absence, not much has changed with the taste. We also ordered their fish kinilaw with chicharon bits... yum!  The main difference dining then and now, the experience was capped immersing myself to the dining area's overwhelming collection of chicken novelties like figurines, paintings, plates, statues, toys, etc, probably the personal collection of the owner. I spent more time enjoying the chicken eye candy than the chicken dish.  But my appetite was still satisfied by the paa ng manok that I ordered. Tummy-filling and heartwarming...check!   
...and more chicken!

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