Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deadly Bloomer

Almost missed the bloom of my Cerbera
Quick Post: My baraibai or Cerbera manghas finally bloomed. The plant is a member of the deadly dogbane family which includes calachuchi.  I acquired the plant via seeds given to me by friend, Ronald Achacoso, collected from their farm in Zambales. From a handful, only one plant germinated, and it did only after 6 months of nothing. Almost gave up on the seed batch.  But after 4 years the plant is about 5 feet high and flowering. But I really love Apocynaceae plants so the wait is well worth it.      


Wayfarer on the sidestreet said...

this is now my favorite blog. :)

metscaper said...

Wow. Thanks.

Wayfarer on the sidestreet said...

I'm very interested with the Lipote tree. It's beautiful. :)