Friday, June 8, 2012

Madulid's Hoya

Hoya flowers
Hoya on a wall
Quick Post: It has been long since I last saw a flowering specimen of this Hoya, H. madulidii, named after the former botany head of the National Museum. Saw this at a house in Laguna. The leaves are quite unique which is very pubescent. Plus the flowers are quite bigger than most of the other common Philippine Hoya (but there are a few others which have larger flowers and umbels).

Some years ago I heard that Hoya madulidii and the almost similar Hoya ciliata known from Mindanao were placed under a new genus they call Eriostemma, which was previously a known Hoya section.   I am not sure if we should appropriately call this plant Eriostemma madulidii.

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