Sunday, June 24, 2012

Remembering Mam Elisa

Mam Elisa with PNPCSI members in Ilocos sand dunes
Mam Elisa with her sister Aleli
A few days ago, Mam Elisa Montecastro, one of the senior members of PNPCSI, passed away because of an aneurism. It was ironic because at her age of 77, she was one of the more adventurous members of the society.  We were shocked to hear about her untimely departure.

Going to Cabigan Falls
In Mt. Makiling
Our image of Mam Elisa is of an active woman who never backed out from trips and treks. She was always game in joining long walks even uphill to mountains.  In the PNPCSI trip to Mt. Makiling, she never complained even when it rained and we had to walk wet on the muddy trail going to the Mud Springs. In the trip to Ilocos Norte last November, she was with her sister Mam Aleli and they were in the advance party to trek to Kabigan Falls and climb the bleached Kapurpurawan formation. In January, she joined the much younger members in the trek up one of the highest points in the Subic forest, walking faster than some of us and making us eat dust.  She was enthusiastic even if the reason was to just see flowering specimens of a nice tree or shrub or simply just for the fun of it.

Before her death, Mam Elisa commited to join the next PNPCSI activity in Quezon.  She will definitely be missed in the trip, and the succeeding ones. But we will always remember Mam Elisa, always full of life, energy and adventure. 

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