Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lego is More Fun in the Philippines

The Lego Philippines
An assortment of different attractions

Sulu under a different light
Paoay Church
Earlier I passed by The Block in SM City North EDSA and found that the main lobby had an exhibit of my favorite toy - LEGO.  It was not like the previous ones where it depicted regular city landscapes or Star Wars scenes. The theme was for June 12, Philippine Independence Day, riding on the current DOT slogan - It is more Fun in the Philippines. I was ecstatic to see it.   
Besides plants, and a whole lot of other stuff, I collect Lego blocks. I loved it ever since I was in grade 2. Upto now my fascination for it did not diminish. My friends and even my students know I am enamored with Lego.  I even incorporated it in some of the Arch class plates.
On Luzon is Vigan and Intramuros
Of course SM is well represented
Moriones relief
Manila Bay
When I was younger, it was hard to get my hands on a set. My parents would only buy me one only on special occasions or if I got very good grades in school. I remember getting only less than 10 sets when I was a kid, a childhood frustration. When I began to work and earned my own money, I resumed collecting Lego, but  limiting only to trucks and heavy vehicles, so I could control my splurges. 

Vinta and the Visayas
The SM-The Block exhibit featured a very big map of the Philippines, of course entirely made out of Lego. On it, several Lego replicas of famous and popular Philippine tourism spots were spread on geographically correct locations.  Structures like bahay-kubo, churches, light houses, boats etc were whimsically approximated using thousands and thousands of the familiar plastic bricks. It was a delight to see.  Took me almost an hour scanning through each of the small buildings and attractions on the artificial archipelago. 

And yes, I brought home another set. Hope I could get the time soon to assemble and admire it.

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