Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Vertical Green Wall Race

Vertical wall used to hide renovations in Taipei Airport
The still standing vertical wall in last year's Flora Expo
Lovely shade tolerant green wall
Selection of interior suitable plants
It seems here in the Metro Manila, we are way behind in the vertical green wall race. Green wall has been here, available locally for quite some time but Pinoys seem to be hesitant in using it, or probably ignorant that it exists. I don't know of any local development that notably made use of it. Come to think of it, I don't know any notable suppliers for the system. 

Green walls create more interesting textures
Colorful logo stands out on the green wall
Living wall makes an interesting entry
In neighboring Taiwan, the presence of the new technology in and around the city of Taipei is very noticeable.  The plain and bare public walls and spaces are stacked up with the upright plastic potting system and transforms boring surfaces into living walls of varying shades and textures of green. Designs could be very artistic and even surprising.
Collectible Hoya could be used
Rhoeo, Setcreasea and Cryptanthus provide color
The green walls are also used as ephemeral aesthetic elements. Construction sites are covered with vertical living wall systems to temporarily hide the blight created. In the international airport, long stretches of renovation are covered with plywood and covered with a wall of familiar ornamental plants like ferns, Dracaena, Philodendron and even Hoya. The street vertical walls utilized species which are very much available in local Philippine nurseries like Japanese bush (Phyllanthus myrtifolius), miagos (Osmoxylon) and golden duranta (Duranta repens var.). 
The green wall arouses interest of bored passengers waiting for their flights
Artists could be a littleplayful with designs and application
We do have the plants necessary to create a successful vertical wall system. We just have to speed up on learning more about green walls and maybe gain in on our Asian neighbors in the use of this new landscape technology!


dr magsasaka said...

You can lead the way.

Grace Servino said...

I agree. Hopefully we can have more green wall projects realized in the Phils soon. Cypress Bomanite in Cubao, QC has already started supplying and installing various green wall & green roof systems locally. We're working with them to realize a lineup of greenwall projects here.

Dadz said...

Hi Grace

After our years of experimentation and research on greenwalls,We finally are finishing our first commercial greenwall project inside Urdaneta Village Makati. with a little more tweaking, we expect to fully finished the wall by the end of this month. Hope you can also try us in your next greenwall project.

You may find more info at

Thank you and Keep up the good work

grngen said...

Greetings. My name is Wilson of Grngen that promote the vertical and roof gardening here in our country. You can check one of my works in ACSAT (Asian College in Cubao near J.P. Rizal. It is a 8 feet by 20 ft vertical garden. I also supply the one in this picture and have my own customise design if you need to have a setup. You can check grngen for vertical gardening in facebook. Regards happy gardening.

William Lim Jr. said...

Hi All,

Recently we from Eastern Wire Mfg. Inc. brought in products from Singapore's leading Green Wall and Green Roof system Company. The products are designed and manufactured by Singaporean Landscape Architects and Engineers.

Currently, we are carrying 3 Green Wall Systems, and 5 Green Roof Systems.

These products have been used all over Singapore (i.e. Changi Airport, National Univ of Singapore, ITE College, Bishan Junction, Primary Schools, etc.)

Also it has been used in Malaysia, most notably the Starhill Hotel in KL.

We are currently working with architects to incorporate this system into their designs. For the meantime, you may find the PlanterCell System on our website