Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fruit Star of the 2013 Pahiyas

Very much like rambutan but look closer
Generously used in Pahiyas decorations
Quick Post: This fruit was everywhere in this year's Pahiyas.  There was abundance of it and caught everyone's attention because of the bright red color.  At first you would think it is rambutan but upon closer scrutiny you will realize that where the rambutan's hair should be, in place of it are more rigid spines. Plus the taste is not exactly as sweet but more on the sour side. First time tasters get the shock of their life! 

The Lucban residents have a local name for it which sorry I forgot (as they say, senior moment). The fruit is probably kapulasan or a native relative of rambutan (probably Nephelium ramboutan-ake).  

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Garru Pucca said...

Still a nephelium but I dont know the specific ephetit. We hava this at home and we called it wild rambutan