Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moonlight over Panglao

Red moon at the horizon
Chi with her I-pad
Last Saturday, at a little past 7 pm, an Amarela staff ringed me over the phone.  He said Atty Nunag was letting us know that there was an unusually large red colored moon out that night.  They were wondering if we would want to see it.

Of course I wanted to see it so I went out of the room clutching my trusted camera.  On my way out I saw other guests hurrying out into the beach to experience the red moon by the water. Lazy me chose to view it from the Amarela restaurant balcony. It was almost empty with people.  Probably everyone was at the beach looking at the moon near the water.
Empty dining area because guests are down at the beach
But when I was choosing a good position, Chi was in one corner and had already brought out her I-pad taking a picture.  I teased Chi on how she was becoming a techie. I positioned my camera on the balcony railing and started snapping pictures of the lunar phenomenon. A little while more the other guests appeared back in the dining hall and the moon slowly lost its red hue. Fleeting moment!
The moon was redder but my camera did not register the color right.

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