Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Libaong Beach Low Tide

Amarela Resort in Libaong Beach, Panglao
Amarela grounds
I am back in Bohol with Arch Chi Victorino. We are checking out the plants in Amarela's new Bohol inspired house, but it is Saturday so the workers went home early. Had the chance to visit the adjacent Libaong beach which was in low tide. People are also out enjoying the ephemeral wide sandy beach.  Though there are more crowds out than usual, it still pales in comparison to the number of people partying in the congested beaches of Boracay. Hope it stays that way.

Took pictures...
Locals collecting sea urchins and sea cucumbers
A rock in the midst of the sea grass is in itself a complete ecosystem
Painstakingly Amarela resort staff cleans the beach of unsightly debris
Other parts of Libaong Beach are covered with seaweeds
There are a lot of starfish

Some tourists enjoying the low tide
Exposed sea grass bed
Sea urchins in shallows
The sandy portion widens to 30 meters or more

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