Friday, May 31, 2013

Rice Birds

Red munias on a rice hull pile
Hiding on a Glochidion tree
Quick post: I was minding my own business when I chanced upon a flock of red munias feasting on the pile of rice husks. They are very noisy hence you can't miss them.  But when I gave them my undivided attention (hehehe pointing my camera in their direction) they hurriedly flew into the nearest Glochidion tree.  I pretended to not look at them and one by one they went back into the rice hull pile.  Tried to sneak some stolen shots of them while feeding on whatever they could still find hidden in the pile.  They are very cautious. could only frame a few of them.   

It is good to see the munias are still very common in this part of he Philippines. Hope the poachers won't catch them.
Munias are native.  The eurasian sparrow we call maya is not.

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