Monday, February 13, 2012

Duguan is a Nutmeg!

The red aril and large seeds of duguan
Duguan fruit from Dangwa
I just found out that my Dangwa find dugo-dugoan is actually called plainly duguan.  Bonifacio Passion said it is a nutmeg, probably Myristica philippinensis.  Rojo's 'Lexicon of Philippine Trees' indeed state that duguan is M. philippinensis. The fruits have almost all opened up revealing the reddish aril (which may be the reason why it is called duguan or 'bloody') and the large seed. Have planted most of it in a common pot.  Hope they will germinate unlike the Knema glomerata seeds I picked up in Laguna.   


Jerard Eusebio said...

last year we were able to collect fruits of duguan Myristica philippinensis and based from literature fruits and seeds belong to duguan which is very different from your photos however, we had also collected similar to the species that you have collected if the aril is serrated it is anuping if not it is tanghas both belong to the same family Myristicaceae.

corrine said...

Hello there! I have been looking for nutmeg trees. I came across an article long time ago that it grows in Bae, Laguna but haven't been successful locating it. May I know which place in the Philippines they grow and how do you plant nutmeg seed? I think I will have two seeds with serrated aril coming. Great blog! Thanks!

devdoc99 said...

Can it also be used as a spice?

Unknown said...

Hello! Sorry to suddenly bring this blog post to your attention after 6 years, but I have an urgent inquiry. I am a PSHS Scholar, and a requirement of a PSHS scholar is to make a significant research. My group's research is to analyze the antibacterial activity of Myristica philippinensis and to compare it to previous researches on M fragrans. We are currently looking for a seedling (or a seed) of the plant so that we wouldn't have much issue when we reach the methodology phase. If you may write back, we would highly appreciate it. This is literally the only page I can find about M philippinensis, no one is selling online, and I didn't even know philippine nutmeg was a thing until 30 minutes ago. Thank you so much!