Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Hoyas

Hoya buotii
Quick Post: I have forgotten I have 2 specimens of Hoya buotii, which all are planted at an obscure area in my garden. Maybe just to remind me that it was still there, the plants brought out their pale yellow and pinkish star clusters. It is pleasant to get reacquainted with you, Hoya buotii.  I will repot you my old friend.

Hoya meliflua
Another old friend but long gone in my garden is Hoya meliflua.  I saw this flowering specimen in the Centris market and remembered how lovely they are. But I feel bad because I can't afford the time to get one.  When I am ready to resume Hoya growing, I will find the place and time to reestablish my Hoya collection, to know new things about these beautiful Philippine natives. 


Plant Chaser said...

Nice! I think it was a few years back when there was something akin to a Hoya craze. That is what everone kept buying up. Good to hear that you have decided to get reacquainted. The Philippine natives deserve their turn in the spotlight.

metscaper said...

Yup. I actually started when there were almost a handful of us collecting hoyas. Hopefully I could rebuild my collection. As of now I am enamored with Hoya cumingiana.

Carl said...

My father brought home a Hoya meliflua in 2009. It was well kept but it died slowly. Its leaves started to wrinkle and they seem hollow inside. Don't know what killed it. Could it be the temperature? Our place is rather very warm.

metscaper said...

Probably best kept in a cool place like maybe growing on a tree branch.