Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Future of the Philippine Rainforest

The most number of mahogany seeds I have ever seen
Close up of seeds
Swietenia seeds
Walking this afternoon and was mortified to stumble into this scene - probably thousands and thousands of Swietenia or mahogany seeds being sun-dried.   I do not know what these are to be used for but I could only speculate that they would either be packaged and sold, or planted to become seedlings.  And when they do, where on earth would they end up? Not in America where they are native.  Most likely the nearest reforestation project where they would need saplings to plant.  Maybe why I see  more and more artificial forests of mahogany in the Philippines.


flipster said...

This is the result of the logging concessions given to the Elites after they plundered the old growth forest we had. They held on to those concessions without replanting and now with the seasonal disastrous floods they have an excellent excuse to replant and make them look good to everyone when they should have done this after the original logging. Ergo, they can hold on to those concessions for eternity.
What a deal.

flipster said...

Also, very few people are aware of what our river outlets (mangroves)do to prevent flooding. These areas are also part of the concessions granted to the same Elites. They dam up the river outlets for fishponds and when the rains come, we know that water flows where there is least resistance.
Thank you for this bringing important matter out. Please keep up your good work. We must be more aware of these issues for the sake of the unborn Filipinos.

Rommel said...

The crime here is about the rampant use of exotics (non-natIve) species for forestation purposes.

howlingwind said...

nightmare!!! imagine if those bulk of seeds are dipterocarp. it will be much better. I also heard that the PNP is having a reforestation project, I don't know what kind of tree they will plant but I heard that they were targeting to plant millionsss, I hope its not exotic, cuz if it is, better not. LOng LIve Native trees

PinoyApache said...

Mahogany trees are not that friendly to undergrowth shrubs and weeds. The only plant strong enough to resist its toxic leaves are the hardy rattan palms. Besides, I don't see a lot of birds making a home or foraging among its branches and leaves.