Sunday, February 26, 2012

It is More Fun Going and Growing Natives!

PNPCSI booth at Flora Filipina
The Flora Filipina green wall
I spent the last week dividing my time for Metro Home mag and the Flora Filipina show.  We already finished putting up the PNPCSI booth for Flora. For Metro Home I am down to writing my last article for the next issue. Barely surfaced out of writing chores to enjoy the Flora Filipina exhibits. Will write about the booths next time.

Into the booth
The Flora Filipina's theme is 'Gardening is more fun in the Philippines' riding on the current slogan of the Dept. of Tourism. The PNPCSI answered with a booth tackling 'It is more fun gardening with native plants in the Philippines'. The rest of the display booths designed different geographical regions in the Philippines. The PNPCSI booth simply came up with a landscape using all native plants. It is probably not the prettiest booth in the expo but it was indeed fun and exciting for me to design and implement the display.  Hope you would get to see it while the Flora Filipina is open, till March 12.

To the Philippine Orchid Society, PNPCSI members and Jardin Isabel, thank you for making the booth possible!

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