Friday, February 3, 2012

New Stuff in the Flower Basket

The flower market
Fruits of pandakaki
As a last minute errand, I went to PRC at the final hour of the working week to renew my architect's license. Surprisingly if you have the proper requirements, it won't take you longer than 15 minutes to finish application. But there is a waiting time of more than a month to claim the license ID card.  So I will be making my journey back to Morayta this March.

Dugu-dugo fruits?
Since the Friday traffic is as expected - heavy as always, I decided to walk the perimeter of  University of Sto. Tomas to reach Joli's and Dangwa.  The stroll from PRC to Lacson was not bad at all! Probably the only hassle was I had to climb up the pedestrian overpass to get to UST's side.  When I got to Joli's, I made a quick splurge on a pencil holder. Some minutes later, I was striding a few more blocks of Lacson Avenue to get to flower haven, Dangwa.

Hoya cumingiana
I occasionally go to Dangwa whenever I am asked to arrange flowers for friends.  But often, I go there to scout for potential planting material.  It is rare that I go home empty handed and today is no exception. My eye caught some items which I seldom see sold as cut flower.  Some natives spotted were Hoya cumingiana sprays, pandakaki fruits (Tabernaemontana pandacaqui), Pinus kesiya leaves, and an unknown fruit, coming from tree called dugu-dugo.  

Benguet pine sprigs
I have no idea what a dugu-dugo tree is or how it looks like.  The seller was describing it as a popular tree in his hometown in Laguna. I was intrigued which is why i got persuaded to buy a bundle. It may be that what I bought is not native or worst something familiar like maybe sineguelas.  I just gave the seller the benefit of the doubt.  But along with the dugu-dugo fruits I purchased a bunch of pandakaki fruits and the Hoya sprays. I made it home before dark and had time only to plant the Hoya as cutting propagation in the garden.  I will scrutinize the other items in the morning when there is daylight.

Other fruit and flower bounty
The pictures posted were taken using my hand phone.  I was not armed with a proper camera when I went there so please dispense with the blurred shots.

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