Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remembering 1784

The cozy open air cabanas of 1784
Hoya multiflora blooming in Alex's garden
Huts and gardens
After talking about Hoyas, I remembered 1784, Alex Paglinawan's Lipa getaway.  Last December we went there for a Metro Home feature on the farm. Alex showed us his flowering Hoya multiflora.  It was the season's first blooming Hoya for me, but technically it did so in 2011 hehehe.  But the flowers are still equally interesting.

I love what Alex did to his place.  It was rustic and provincial, very rural in appeal. It was the perfect escape from the stress of the very busy and congested city.  For us it was a relaxing work as we had to do the shoot the day after Christmas.  It did not feel like working at all especially because of the warm welcome Alex extended to us, not to mention the unforgettable lunch experience under the mango tree. You could read more about 1784 in the next Metro Home issue which will be out this weekend.
Dining under the mango tree!
 To Alex Paglinawan, a very big thank you from the Metro Home team!  


1784 said...

Hi Patrick, thanks for the kind words:) Feel free to come back anytime, especially now that the jade vine started its flowering season again!

Plant Chaser said...

You're right. It doesn't look or sound like you were there for work. :-) I'll be sure to check out Metro Home. (even if I can see more on Alex's blog. hehehe.)

metscaper said...

Thanks Alex!

Thanks too, Bom!